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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  January 12, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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conquered.. it's on to the battle in seattl the 49ers are back in the bay area tonight with carolina conquered, on to the battle in seattle. >> on to santa clara where the 49ers faithfuls gathered to greet the team tonight. >> reporter: yeah all quiet now, but an hour ago there were 100 stands. some waited for over an hour as it turns out to be a chance of the way that the team came home and maybe, just maybe catch a glimpse of the players. tell me about being here tonight. why did you come? >> the team did great. >> reporter: did you see the game today? >> yes. >> reporter: what did you think of it? >> it was pretty awesome. >> you've got to support the niners. they're like everything to us
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here. >> reporter: were you hoping to get some autographs tonight? >> actually no, i'm good. i've got a lot of them already on my arm. >> san francisco's biggest fan. >> reporter: worried about getting carjacked with that thing on your hand? [ laughter ] yeah i've got a lot of people that say hey, i'll give you so much money or can i grab that and run? >> just seeing them fighting. >> reporter: you can't really see them though. >> yeah, you can't see them, but it's heartbreaking, but knowing that they are here, it's exciting. >> they do a great job when they go out every time. we love them. >> reporter: yeah how are they going to do in seattle and beyond? >> oh we're going to take it. everyone is healthy. >> reporter: the whole way to super bowl? >> i say the whole way, 100%. >> reporter: so you might have seen that it is nice to see
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coach harbaugh get out there and sign a few autographs. as far as we could tell, he's some that would come back out in the practice facility tomorrow and give it another try. live in santa clara, brian webb, kpix 5. x the niners fans made all the difference. >> it was the second and third best defenses in the professional football. so you knew the 49ers would be up against it. they lost to carolina earlier this year 10-9. today we match the stakes that were much, much higher. winner goes to the ncaa championship, loser goes home. panthers were hit with two early penalties that lead to two early 49ers field goal. 6-0 and the panthers went for it on 4th and goal and got stuck. brooks lead the challenge there, to keep cam newton out of the end zone. it was 14-10, 49ers in the third quarter when colin kaepernick pulls it in. just shy of the end zone. eight catches, 136 yards for
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bolden tieing up with kaepernick who did it with his legs. a four-yard touchdown run and then does the cam newton celebration that they do in carolina right there and then he does the kaepernick. 49ers are up by 10. the defense terrific. they stacked panthers quarterback. cam newton five times, and then in the second half they shut carolina out. for the third straight season, the 49er wills go to the ncaa championship. it didn't take long for the team to start thinking about seattle. >> a long story short, they know us, we know them. we've got to go there, you know, we all know the history. >> this is the super bowl, man. everything is on the line. so you know it just says it all, man. we're ready. >> best match up the nfl could possibly hope for. 49 erugos to seattle, a place that they were -- the 49ers go to seattle a place that they were beaten earlier this year. >> fun to see though, huh? >> it was absolutely
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spectacular. i thought this was the 49ers best win of the year because they had a tough time against good defensive teams. they played great and i think they will beat seattle. >> good, i like to hear that. dennis, thank you. the next stop for the 49ers is the loudest stadium in the nfl. seattle fans have been known to make enough noise to register as a small earthquake. twice this season, they set a guinness record with their volume and niners fans won't be fans drown them out because the seahawks are not allowing anybody with california billing addresses to buy tickets to the game through their website. but they found out that they are stopping fans making the trip. >> reporter: they say they will be at the loud century link field. come sunday to cheer on their beloved 49ers. friends and seattle are buying the tickets for them. >> we want to show our support and see how loud we could be out there as well. >> reporter: they are trying to recruit friends to join them. >> easily $1,000. tickets are around $400 and
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plus once you get here and the hotel and everything, but it's worth it. >> reporter: for fans that don't have any family members or friends in the pacific northwest, the only way to get the nfc championship tickets is through the secondary market. seattle is restricting ticket sales to california to protect the 12th man advantage. some niner fans call the banned classless. >> i don't think it should be allowed, but whatever advantage they could do, they would. >> not upset at all. it's what we would do over here, but we would show a little more grace. >> reporter: websites like stub hub and ebay are now selling the tickets. prices range from a few hundred bucks to $65,000. these two die hards say it is worth it. >> it's a once-in-a-lifetime thing. just do it, you know, it's all about experiences in life. >> you can't put a price on experience, right. >> reporter: the two die hards say they will fly out to seattle on saturday. by the way the ticket is fairly common. other teams have done it, especially in the playoffs.
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in san francisco, kpix 5. >> and keep it here for continuing coverage of the 49ers playoff run. we want to see your 49ers faithful photos. go to and click on my pics. new tonight heavy smoke and flames destroyed several carports. it started about 7:00 this evening in rossmore. when the firefighters arrivfirefighters three carports were engulfed in flames. firefighters stopped them from nearby homes, but some residents may be staying elsewhere tonight. >> it is smoke damage. very difficult as you can see it all. >> fortunately everybody made it out okay. we'll have more details tonight at 11:00 on kpix 5. a san jose neighborhood is on high alert tonight. police think that the serial arsonist has set more than a dozen fires in the two-mile
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radius since wednesday all in the early morning hours. they spoke to neighbors who say that enough is enough. >> reporter: frustrated and fearful, san jose residents joined in a door-to-door neighborhood campaign to counter a wanted arsonist. >> we want to make sure that people clear out anything that will be flammable from this front yard. >> reporter: it's believe they may have struck a thousand times. >> have you heard about the arsonist? >> no. >> they are hitting all the neighborhoods here downtown. >> reporter: the early sunday morning one behind the church of east san antonio, the second of two early morning fires. but saturday's fire is the most serious so far. two elderly residents were asleep when the flames roared through their house, a father and son broke the window to help the couple to safety. >> this is roughly 40 minutes before the fire was set. >> reporter: a security camera on the home who lives across the street, shows a fan walking past the camera four times between 3:11 and 4:02 a.m.
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the fire broke out at 4:22 a.m. >> knowing that he is picking that random home, mine could have easily been the one he burnt down. >> reporter: the video is used by arson investigators to create a sketch and profile of what they say is a person of interest. a white or hispanic male, 6-2, 160 to 180 pounds, slender dark hair, large framed glasses. >> we know it is serious that the arsonist will continue to do this until he is caught, so we want to make sure that the police get him sooner rather than later. >> reporter: the fire department is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the arsonist. in san jose, don don, kpix 5. it took firefighters about 20 minutes to knock down the fast moving fire this afternoon. and you can see thick smoke shooting from the roof. the people that live there say they have more than 50 years worth of memories in the home. firefighters were able to rescue the dog. no one hurt. so far no word on what started
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the fires. an off duty officer shot another driver in the leg during a fight over a fender bender, which happened overnight in the bayview. the female officer pulled her gun when the dispute got physical. she is on paid leave and police say that the other driver will be okay. opponents of several proposed projects are pushing for a ballot measure that would require the voter approval for any development exceeding the current height restrictions. the targets? the proposed arena as the giant's plan housing retail development at pier 48 and another mixed used proposal at pier 70. real estate is all about location, but even a great location is a little less appealing. it comes with a potentially toxic baggage. the hot bay area housing markets could turn the biggest mess into a fortune.
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>> reporter: another condo project is rising from the dirt. one more example of a real estate market that defies description. >> unbelievable, yeah. >> reporter: but only this one will tell the story that actually started back in 1998. when a gallon of regular unleaded cost you less than $1.50. and that's what the federal law will be requiring the gasoline stations to replace old underground storage tanks with the modern corrosion resistant models. a move that will put a lot of mom and pop stations out of business. >> and the companies, they could absorb it, you know, and we can. it will be a little bit of it. >> reporter: from there it's a mix of economics and environmental laws. turning many san francisco gas stations into deserted eyesores. just look at the mess sitting right across the street from the gas station. the cost involved with making these sites, they kept developers away from years,
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even decades. but now all that has changed. >> more development is going on and the ease of getting people through the cities, picking up the gas stations or other sites. >> reporter: the realtor is turning a handful of the old gas stations into the condo developments. he says this is about more than just a hot market. he points to a city that is determined to grow. >> it's several areas to stop the markets and so that the density is higher and that the people could build more than what they could have three to four years ago. >> reporter: that added the reward for the developers, as they scrambled to sign up on the clean up jobs like the one you see here. >> we require the site to be cleaned up to the residential standards. >> reporter: the city is working overtime to keep up with the demands. >> it's the places we've been working on for three to five
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years ago. nothing happened as they were being revived. >> reporter: if your neighborhood has a gas station that seems to be there forever, don't be surprised if it goes from eyesore to the science project to the construction site. and ultimately ends up looking something like this. >> more and more gas stations eliminated. it's not just the gas stations, but niece's for the utilized sites. >> in san francisco, ken bastida, kpix 5. >> while the city is streamlining the sites, it is still a tough job. every soil has to be inventoried, tested for contamination and disposed off site. a new rule for the california food handlers. what they are now required to do and why some argue that the safety sets may not be safe at all. >> i didn't enjoy it. >> the former defense secretary, he doesn't mince words when talking about the old jobs or the former boss.
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>> and how did they even throw that football in this? the wicked winds in denver nearly knocked the color guard off their feet. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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owners' mouths. food
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handlers are now required to chen. but critic a new state law is leaving a bad taste. the food handlers are now required to wear gloves in the kitchen. but they worry that the safety strategies could backfire. >> it's a little extreme. >> reporter: the days of someone preparing your foods without the gloves on are about to be a thing in the past for california. the governor signed a new law that went into effect on january 1 that says they will no longer be allowed to touch the ready-to-eat food in their bare hands. >> and how are they going to actually enforce this law at all? >> reporter: he represents several shots, saying that they will not be enforced for six months, but there are several concerns. >> this particular legislation, it is ill informed. >> reporter: he's a restaurant owner and a former contestant
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on their top chef. he says that the gloves could be dangerous. >> reporter: the constant winning of the gloves could the vent the cross contamination, creating moisture and heat in your hands, which could throw the bacteria. >> reporter: there are supporters of the law. >> i think that it is good. i can see how it is more solitary. >> reporter: they could get spots of fines starting this summer. education officials are set to overhaul how the school districts spend billions of future dollars. a vote is set for thursday on a plan that would require the districts to distribute extra cash based on needs. the money would go towards the foster kids. >> he doesn't regret anything that he wrote. taking aim at the leadership in
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afghanistan. he said that the president, he was not fully invested. it's this absence of conviction of the importance of success. that disturbed me. >> reporter: when we got troops in their way, i mean that does concern me that these comments are made. >> my presence would be that they are refrained from these things because they undermine the ability for them to conduct the foreign policies. >> reporter: they also slam them for their reform policy views, but he praised the former secretary of the state saying she would make a good president. some wild wind in denver today. blowing so hard ahead of the chargers and the broncos game as they had trouble just getting going. but once they built up the momentum, they managed. >> isn't that amazing? that the winds, they were kind of indirectly the results of
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the same system moving through the bay area that gave us hardly a big look of the rainfall by the time that, you know, it moves over the rocky mountains. you can get the strong winds that came out of the rockies in denver for us. 45 degrees in concord. and 42 degrees in san francisco. we've got mostly clear skies and you can see that system heading south and out of the bay area, which we will start tomorrow morning with mostly sunny skies and the temperatures are going to warm up into the upper 60s inland and plenty of sunshine around the bay area. time to head up to seattle to see what it will be like for next sunday with the game at 3:30 the kickoff time with a 30% chance of showers with the game time temperature here. the winds are south and record warmth as they have the regular flag warnings posted through los angeles. that's bad news as we will continue the classified look for much of california.
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that'll with updated on the 18th, which it doesn't look good. no rain for this week or the following week unless things change, but at the moment no showers in site. fresno in the mid-50s and the bay area tonight. 33 in liver mother with clear skies. it is cold out there. we'll be looking for numbers mostly in the 60s this week. then we will warm it up to the near 70-degree range by friday. around the bay we'll be in the mid-50s for the most part and low 60s in the coast with plenty of sunshine. look for a dry week ahead and for that and that is where dennis has all the weather in sports after the break. ,,,,,,
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without their bottoms todays part of the annual "no pants no pants no problems. as a part of the annual subway line, a facebook fan page claimed that the tens of thousands of people from more than two dozen countries would take part. it is suggested that the people are asked what happened to your pants, they should simply say oh, well, we forgot. >> and that works. >> reporter: the bay area figure skater is on their way to the winter olympic games. the 15-year-old of the archbishop high school finished second at last night's u.s. figure skating championship. edmonds is one of the three u.s. women to make the cuts. >> you're in full favor of
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well it might be loud as opposed to last week. >> yeah what are we going to get this weekend? >> 15 degrees out in green bay. >> but if you dot math, that's a positive 70 degrees. the final four teams were left standing, making up the two rivalries. they cost them 16 periods in the third when colin kaepernick ran it in for a second straight week and this did not go over well. the defense is all over cam newton. and the niners are going to the nfc championship 23-10.
10:27 pm
the rival, tom brady in the title game. he only threw for 239 touchdowns as they beat the chargers 24-17 and i should say that they hung on to beat them 24-17 as they will face new england. it is 24 unforced shares in the third set, eliminated at the australian open. finally the big shot of the day and why. they see an amazing shot of the sony open, the first year on tour. welcome to the pga tour young man as they won that event. but get ready for a week, the track talk and kpix's website. they will televise the news conference tomorrow at twelve o'clock. >> okay, good. and so you know it will be difficult, but you're predicting a win? >> to me that was the best win that i have seen from the 49ers all year because it was against a great defense and on the road as they are primed and ready to beat seattle.
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>> all right, i like to hear that. >> and they are prime too as we will look at the 49ers fans as we head scout we'll see you on kpix at 11:00. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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